About Me

I’m Alex Espinal, a Freelance Graphic Designer from New York City.

I create things from nothing; I design pretty graphics, logos, posters, T-shirts, website, even your next tattoo. Additionally, I can draw fairly well, and occasionally I shoot some photos to compliment all of my design work.

As a young child I expressed my creativity by vandalized my parent’s living-room walls, using my crayons. With good old disciplinary action, my parents made it clear, fairly quickly that vandalizing walls wouldn’t be my vocation. And now I understand why Banksy’s identity is a secret.

I was always drawing and or sketching something.

During my senior year in High School, I was fortunate enough to get my portfolio reviewed at The Pratt Institute of Fine Arts, in Brooklyn. I had produced a handful of work during my year at Cooper Union, and during my review, many schools gave me constructive feedback. That’s when I knew I liked what I was doing.
During college, I explored and learned much about the many disciplines in which I can apply my skills. I worked at the school magazine, doing hand illustrations and many wacky and fun photoshopping for many of the stories to be published. Eventually, I became one of the production manager, where I learned much about press and publishing. But after receiving my BFA from SUNY at Buffalo, I came back to New York City and landed a job at a fashion company as a CAD artist, where I expanded my design skills and awaken my love for photography.
Now I just try to continue to grow my skills and do my best to keep up with visual design trends and with technology, like a good geek.

Alex Espinal finishing a three panel drawing, during college.



I’m really good at Beatboxing, (I won a few competitions)

I don’t sleep on planes, because I don’t want to be incepted.

My love and curiosity for new kind of foods prevents me from ever becoming a vegetarian.

I love shooting people!

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