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Chronicles of Crafting Your Own Logo

Yes, I can craft a logo for a client, I can extract their ideas and create a brand for them, but I am merely starting to know myself in that aspect. I keep evolving in terms of what I do, and that is not going to stop.

I must have created over 100 logos for myself, not that’s not a narcissistic trait, coming up with your own brand can be really hard, simply put.

Many are rediculous, many do not represent me. But this summer I decided to take another crack at it because I thought it was time….wow, are you still reading this?

I decided to just do it and I ended up creating the most simplistic version of all of my previous iterations.

I can tell you this, I would not be shocked if someone else already has this design, trademarked, but until they come forward, this is me.

This is my site, as simple as it might be for others out there to grab some template and drag and drop stuff, fine, but I wanted to craft this site myself and do it right and I feel accomplished I go this far. No, I’m not saying I deserve a gold medal, but I’m padding myself in the back, that’s all.

And by the way, cut me some slack, that site is not fully finished. Many of the current post on my portfolio might get improved some might be taken down.



This moment of my life is when I believe I reached the peak of my creativity.

This is not, by any means, putting down my latest work, this is scrutiny of a time in which I feel, my creativity reached a height.

Let me explain why. At this time, my spirit was thirsty and full of ambition to strive and improve my craft. I was blind to any barriers in front of me, there was never an excuse: no rain, no gloomy day, no hot day would ever stop me if I ever felt I wanted to draw. I made it a habit to dedicate a few minutes if not hours to many of these projects. Long and steady, there was no rush, but patience. My first took all sumner. 3 months, second was all winter and part of spring. Then one for a month. I started running out of steam and needed a change at that point but it kept on doing it.

I was looking to be creative without portraying any violence. As a kid, I had a vividly violent imagination and though I never let those demons out far enough, they where there. I have my mother to thank for taming much of those traits early enough. And so this was my way of coping and rethinking new creative ways to squeeze out of my brain while avoiding violent themes.

And like I said, this is by no means, a self-deprecating piece, just a look at my old self.

Mr. Robot (The Pilot)

Mr. Robot (The Pilot)

“This show will flop” I said casually, weeks ago when I watched the trailer while indifferently paying attention to it. The Pilot episode was released totally free on YouTube:

after so minor buzz online I decided to give it a try, after all is just one episode.

I watched the entire episode vigilantly and it pulled me in right away and it manage to do this by incorporating tech, twists and location.

I like Orphan Black, and to compare Mr. Robot to Orphan Black would be a praise, however, little elements in the style is being filmed gives some of that vibe and to me that’s a winning element.

When it comes to this caliber or TV, USA Network is super late to the party, at least on my radar, but I don’t discriminate networks, I love good TV. However, I sure hope it makes its way online somehow, because I’d say the largest chunk of the target audience for this material barely pay for cable.I expect to see it online, if not I’ll sit and wait until it reaches Netflix.

conclusion, I look forward to a full season, it will be a fun show if the pilot is indication of what’s the come. I really want more.